Haggis - A Natural History

The most eagerly awaited event in publishing since the last Harry Potter book. Probably.

'Haggis - A Natural History' (working title) is a work in progress which, as far as I'm aware, will be the first attempt to catalogue the history, diversity and impact of that most Scottish of creatures - the haggis. This sure-to-be-blockbuster contains detailed, comprehensive and illustrated descriptions of all the major breeds, from the common haggis to the rarer duck-billed haggis and mountain haggis.Lifestyle, habitat and characteristics are explained, with forays into history, prehistory, science and legend.

Why did Robery Burns die so young? What really fell on Newton's head, helping him to discover gravity? What were the inspiration for Star Trek's tribbles? These and other ground-breaking revelations will all be revealed in 'Haggis - A Natural History' - coming soon to a bookshop near you.

Watch this space!